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Personal Pronouns: Point of View


Personal Pronouns: 

Point of View

There are three (3) points of view in English grammar: We can talk about ourselves (person speaking), we can talk to someone (person spoken to), or we can talk about someone (person spoken of).

A Personal Pronoun is a word used to replace nouns that name people, animals, places, things or ideas.

Consider these two images that explain these three points of view:


Pronouns are classified as first, second, or third person. 

If a pronoun refers to the person speaking, it is labeled as First Person Singular:

Iam tired. 

  If a pronoun refers to the personspoken to it is labeled as the Second Person Singular:

You are tired.  

  If the pronoun refers to the person spoken of it is labeled as the Third Person Singular:

Heis tired. 

The next chart shows plural pronouns: 


Weare tired relates to persons speaking. It is labeled as First Person Plural.

Youare tired relates to the persons spoken to. It is labeled as Second Person Plural.

Theyare tired relates to the personsspoken of. It is labeled as Third Person Plural.

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