We spent 2 years transforming our English Fundamentals course into a complete learning system, with integrated assessments, activities, charts and resources for grades 5-9.

Activities Framework

Nico's H5P library contains over 100 skill-building activities that promote student self-assembly of of knowledge and confidence.

Home + School + Online

English Fundamentals now extends in-lesson messaging and assignments, extensions, charts, activities and a resource library.

Intervention & Tutoring

Nico was designed to support common use cases we in tutoring, after-school and intervention programs.


Find Gaps | Fortify Knowledge | Build Confidence


English Fundamentals For Grades 6-9

Nico's comprehensive review course.

  • 5 Student Courses

  • 160 Lessons

  • 50 Assessments


Skill-Building Activities

100+ H5P skill-building activities & extensions (example below)