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Pronouns as Direct Subjects


Pronouns as Direct Objects


A pronoun as a direct object replaces a noun used as a direct object in a sentence.


Me, you, him, her and it are singular pronouns used as direct objects.

Us, you, and them are plural direct object pronouns.

In the following scenes, we use this verb to love again because this verb creates powerful, memorable examples: 


For example, when you see a sentence like, “Maria\’s friends celebrate her,” this chart will help you remember that  “her” is a direct object pronoun.

Revisiting Interrogative Pronouns

The Wh- Confusion

Student question: Why is the question word (pronoun) whom not covered in this lesson?


Many native English speakers use “who?” in place of “whom?”; it is difficult to understand as a rule.

Remember this general rule: Who is a question word asking for the subject.  Whom is a question word asking for a direct object.

Are you ready for a bonus? Me, you, her, it, us, them  used as direct object pronouns show up again. But, this time they connect to a preposition.

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